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    This is the official format for the Helper Application on TheKrypton.
    Any applications made that are not following this format will be automatically denied. Asking Staff members to view your application will result in an immediate DENY.

    This application only gives you the chance to become a Helper of our server. It is not certain that all people will be accepted into the staff team, be aware of this!

    Applications are checked once a week, every Saturday.

    *Note, there are various ways to improve your application which includes, but is not limited too, adding detail, and correct spelling and grammar.

    Use the following format as your thread title: "<Username>'s Staff Application"

    Before applying, make sure you have completed these requirements:
    - At least 15 forum posts (Subject to increase)
    - Be a part of the discord server
    - Have been on the server for 1 month or longer
    - No severe punishments on our server (Bans, permanent mutes, multiple warnings)
    - Make sure you have read the staff application information thread (Read here;

    Application Format
    (Please make your application look professional, with different styled text, using bold, underlines, etc)

    Minecraft Username:

    Current Age (12 years+):

    What is your gender (Male/Female)?

    Do you have a microphone (Required)

    Discord ID (Required)

    Timezone and Country (Required for meetings and player support)

    How long have you been apart of our server's community?

    Have you ever been punished on server and/or discord?

    Have you ever been banned from a server/network before? (If so, why)

    What is your previous staff experience, if any?

    What is the reason that you're wanting staff on our server, over other servers?

    Tell us why we should bring you into the staff team? What do you offer?

    How long have you been playing minecraft?

    How many hours a week could you dedicate to our server?

    Do you have a screenshot/recording software? (Required for evidence)

    Is there anything else we should know about you?

    Please do not annoy staff members by asking them to look at your application. All applications will be read and replied to every Saturday. This day, the recruitment and leadership team will go through applications and see who is best fit for the position.
    *Note. Sometimes staff applications will be closed, therefore we will not read applications during this time.

    Good luck with your helper application!
    - TheKrypton Leadership and Recruitment team.
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