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    This thread will highlight what is required to apply for staff.

    | Requirements

    First and foremost, your application will not be accepted having 15 forum posts. This is important so that members don’t just join and automatically apply for staff.

    Secondly, you must have joined the server and the forums at least one month prior to applying. Once again, this is so that you cannot just join and apply for staff.

    Thirdly, you cannot have been severely punished on our server. If you have been severely punished on our server, then you don’t demonstrate a well enough understanding of our rules to be a Helper on the network.

    (Severe punishments can include permanent mutes, bans and too many warnings)

    Lastly, having an understanding of the rules is extremely important for obvious reasons. Staff members must be aware of any and all rules, so that they don’t punish players incorrectly, and/or not punish someone for something they thought wasn’t against the rules.

    Note: Requirements can be relaxed if the administrative team sees fit.

    | Applying

    Before you apply, you should know which forum you are in, and which position you are applying for (Helper, Builder or Developer). Please remember, no other ranks will be given other than the one you have applied for.

    If your application gets accepted, you will be contacted via forums messages and/or discord messages, for more information, such as email. PLEASE DO NOT PUT PERSONAL INFORMATION IN YOUR APPLICATION.

    | Tips for Applications

    - Make your application as detailed as possible; this shows commitment to the server and dedication to the staff team as well as giving the recruitment team more information about you as an applicant!

    - Make sure you are friendly on all platforms (ex: Forums, Discord, in-game). Being respectful and friendly will boost your chance of getting accepted than someone who acts extremely immature and out of line.

    - Do not post-boost or bump to get your 50 messages. If you are found to be post-boosting or bumping posts, then your posts will be removed, and you will instantly be ineligible to be a staff member on our server.

    - Be an active member of the community. If you are active on all platforms (ex: Forums, Discord, in-game) you boost your chance of getting accepted than someone who is rarely active on all platforms.

    If you choose to apply, we wish you the best!
    - TheKrypton Leadership and Recruitment team
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