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    Hello players of TheKrypton!

    This thread is being created due to many things that have changed in the past week or two. This thread will explain everything, from why the server is currently down, and what is happening with Krypton in the near future and the future ahead.

    | Server's Down?
    Yes, we know the server is currently offline. It will be staying offline for a while, due to changes that we are making at this current stage in time. Further in this thread, will explain these changes and as to why the server will be offline for a while.

    | Staff Applications
    Staff applications will be closed until further notice due to an overload in staff members with the current playerbase we have for the server.
    Staff applications will also be getting a complete work over, with some changes and improvements to the requirements and the questions asked.

    | Future of TheKrypton
    The future of TheKrypton is looking at a lot of changes to the server, discord and the way it is run and maintained. With this being said, the server, as you all know will be closed until further notice. The reasoning behind this is because we are currently changing the network back into a single server. This single server will be prison, with a few unique ideas and builds that we have thought of.
    With this being said, the server will be down for at least a good month or so in order for us to create whole new builds, and make the server the best it can be, for you guys to play and enjoy.

    Why are we doing this? We are doing this because we believe that the playerbase is not large enough for a network to be run. We are going to work, and focus all our time and effort on this one prison server, so you guys can enjoy it, and this will hopefully help us build a playerbase so we can eventually, in the future, reopen the network!

    What about our donations? Your donations will still be given to you. Although, those that have donated to other servers that we once had, like factions, skyblock, etc, you will receive corresponding donation items depending on how much you had spent on those servers. (This will be sorted out with the players personally, by our administrative team)

    | Release Date
    We, TheKrypton staff team, are aiming to have the server released by the end of April. The release date may vary, depending how what bugs we encounter and how long the builds may take.
    Keep an eye on this thread to keep up to date with the release date!

    We, TheKrypton administrative and leadership team, thank you for your support and patience. Bring on the new server and the new look Krypton!
  2. Good speech dad
  3. Good Luck and hope to play when the server gets back and better :D
  4. We all understand and love it daddy! (He is MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  5. We're gonna make this server a better place! :D
  6. Can't wait for the server to come back up :D
  7. UPDATE 18/03/2018
    Due to lack of builders, we will be reverting back to the old prison map, but it will have a few changes to it. Once we grow bigger and get more builders, we will have a new prison map for you guys!

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