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    So i have come up with my own event, other servers may have it but hey! This is gonna be fun.
    I haven't decided when i will be doing these but when i have finished setting the maps up it shall be weekly.

    Sumo event, 1v1 on a platform.
    No weapons, no knockback items, no armour... NOTHING!

    There will be 3 winners.
    You can only choose ONE server to have your reward on.
    Servers with rewards are listed below with winner positions.

    1st Place:
    -Skyblock 5Mil
    -Factions 3Mil
    -Prison 100Bil

    2nd Place:
    -Skyblock 3Mil
    -Factions 2.5 Mil
    -Prison 50Bil

    3rd place:
    -Skyblock 1Mil
    -Factions 1Mil
    -Prison 25Bil


    How does it work?
    (It took me a while to work this out in my head lol)
    So 6 people, first three people to die ELIMINATED
    The other three that won then go against each other (1v1)
    First person that won at the beginning would fight the second person who won (at the beginning)
    Loser then, would be third place,
    The last two who are still alive would then fight, what happens if someone dies then?
    Well they then become 2nd place with the person who is still alive at 1st place!

    I will be editing this after every event adding winners and i may even create a leaderboard of who has the most wins in the future.


    Date: 00/00/0000

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