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    IGN: NojoNinja
    Ban type? Server
    Discord name: NojoNinja#4294

    Reason: "Threatened DDossing server and Owner harrasment"

    Why do we unban you: Because I got banned because of my brother I was just playing when he said I'll DDoss The server that resulted into a ban, because of that I have been falsely perm-banned. So I asked the Owner For some help.. He said Hmm.. I don't know go ask a Admin please, which I then did and the admin went Please go to a Dev or The Owner Which I than did. Once I asked the owner To unban me because the Admin said ask him he said STOP I TRIED UNBANNING YOU IT WONT WORK. Or something in those lines, After that He banned me for harassing him When All I did was do what The Admin told me to do.
    You have not proved that this wasn't you. You also have been constantly spamming both myself and my administration team. You may re-appeal in 1 Week.
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